Test 1 (Fall 2018)

Test 1 will cover the material the following material:

  • Lessons 1.1 through 1.3
  • Lessons 2.1 through 2.6
  • Lessons 3.1 through 3.4
  • Readings for Weeks 1 through 6

The exam will consist of 30 five-answer multi-correct multiple-choice questions. 20 questions will come from the lectures, roughly evenly distributed between the Unit 2 and Unit 3 lessons. 10 questions will come from the readings, roughly evenly distributed across the readings for weeks 1 through 5.

Each of the 30 five-answer multi-correct multiple-choice questions is eligible for partial credit. You will receive one point for each answer you correctly select, and one point for each answer you correctly leave unselected. For example, imagine the question, “Which of these are planets?” with the options Earth, the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury. If you were to select “Earth”, “the Moon”, and “Jupiter”, you would receive three points: two points for correctly selecting “Earth” and “Jupiter”, and one point for correctly leaving “the Sun” unselected.

Every question has between 1 and 4 correct answers; there is no question where no options are correct or where all options are correct. No credit will be given on any question for which you select no answers or all the answers; this is to prevent blank or completely-filled in submissions aiming for half credit with no subject matter knowledge.

You will have 120 minutes to complete the test, and you are permitted to use books, notes, or the course video material. You may not interact with anyone during the exam, but you may visit the course Piazza forum if you would like as long as you do not post.

Getting Started with Proctortrack

We administer proctored exams using a tool called Proctortrack by Verificient. Proctortrack uses your webcam, microphone, and screen capture to proctor your exam.

These instructions will take care of getting you set up with Proctortrack so you will be ready when the exam window opens. Approximately two weeks before the test opens, your account in Proctortrack will be created and you will be enrolled in the onboarding test. The onboarding test ensures your computer is ready to run Proctortrack and administer your exam. Accessing the onboarding test also ensures that you can access your Proctortrack account.

First, go to testing.verificient.com. On the right, you’ll see the account login area. Your username is your official Georgia Tech email address, not your alias. This is always <your Georgia Tech username>@gatech.edu; your Georgia Tech username is the one you use to log into Canvas. Typically, your login email will look something like djoyner3@gatech.edu, although it may look more like daj3@gatech.edu or gth815k@gatech.edu. You may have received your password in an email. If so, enter that password to log in. If not, walk through the Forgot Your Password dialog (found below the login box) to reset your password and log in.

After logging in, you will see a list of available tests. Generally, the onboarding test will always be available. It will remain available even after you’ve completed it once so that you can set up new computers if need be. Click the onboarding test, follow the prompts to install the software, and complete the onboarding process. Once you have completed the onboarding test, you’re ready to go! Once the exam opens, you’ll follow a different set of instructions to complete the exam itself.

Taking a Proctortrack-Hosted Exam

Any time between the open time and close time, log into Proctortrack at testing.verificient.com. Remember, your login name is <your Georgia Tech username>@gatech.edu. Your username is the one you use to log into Canvas and, for most people, looks like djoyner3 (although for some it may look like daj3 or gth815k).

After logging in, you will see this class’s exam visible. Click the exam to begin taking the test, then submit the test when you are done. This exam is open-book, open-note.

After you’re done with the test, make sure to leave Proctortrack open while it uploads your test data. This may take some time. If you lose power or your computer restarts before data submission is complete, reopen Proctortrack when your computer returns to finish uploading data.

Late work is not accepted without advanced agreement except in cases of medical or family emergencies. In the case of an emergency, please contact the Dean of Students.

Grading Information

This test is graded out of 150 possible points (30 questions, 5 options each). Your grade and feedback will be returned to you via Canvas. An announcement will be made via Piazza when grades are returned.