CITI Training (Fall 2019)

In order to participate in human subjects research as you will do in the second half of this course, you must have completed the required training from the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is described in lesson 3.2.

To complete your required CITI training, visit Georgia Tech’s CITI training page. For detailed instructions, view their presentation on the subject, linked to from that page. When prompted, you should select the following options:

  • Select “Group 2: Social/Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel” when asked for your learner group.
  • Select “N/A” when asked if you would like to take the Good Clinical Practice course.
  • Select “N/A” when asked if you would like to take the Health Information Privacy and Security course.

Then, complete the course(s) in which you are now enrolled. If you have previously completed these courses for other classes, you do not need to redo them; just export your existing certificate again.

Submission Instructions

To complete this assignment, you should submit your completion certificate in PDF form to the corresponding page on Canvas.

This is an individual assignment. Each student must individually complete CITI training.

Late work is not accepted without advanced agreement except in cases of medical or family emergencies. In the case of an emergency, please contact the Dean of Students.

Grading Information

This assignment is not graded explicitly; however, failure to complete this assignment will prevent you from receiving credit for participating in any of the Methods assignments. Even if you submit these assignments, you will receive a 0 on them if you have not submitted your CITI training certificate.