Recommended Reading List (Spring 2017)

As presently designed, the class has no specific required readings; all content required to complete the assignments, exams, and project is provided through the lecture material. However, we have set apart time in the course calendar for a little bit of reading each week. Some of you might choose to read some of the papers we discuss in the lectures. Others might choose to select one of the seminal books in human-computer interaction and read through it throughout the semester. No matter what you choose to do, we hope you’ll share what you find on the forums.


The following books are seminal HCI literature and could be read in parallel to any course material.


In addition to these books, there are several excellent readings that complement specific lessons or concepts from HCI. Many of these papers will be discussed during those lessons, but we have also provided a list of recommended papers and their corresponding lessons and topics. Where available, links go to the paper; if a link is not available, you should be able to locate the paper through the Georgia Tech library or, if noted, the Resources folder on T-Square.


There are also a number of high-quality courses offered by other instructors and institutions that may be of interest to further developing your knowledge of HCI.