Assignment Submission Instructions (Summer 2017)

All assignment submission for OMS CS6750 is executed through T-Square. After logging into T-Square, click Assignments on the left. Here, you will find a list of every deliverable in the class, as well as its due date.

Assignments Involving a Deliverable

With the exceptions of tests, surveys, and participation, all assignments in this class involve submitting some kind of deliverable. For these, you should open the assignment page, upload the deliverable, and click submit. Only submit single PDF files under 8MB in size as deliverables. Peer Feedback only supports batch-upload of PDF files, and so for each assignment, you should submit one PDF file. If you need to shrink your PDF’s file size, we recommend using SmallPDF.

For some assignments, however, you might need to include other types of files. For example, you might compile a video prototype of an interface, or you might not want to embed high-resolution images in a PDF. In these cases, the PDF you submit should contain instructions for accessing the rest of your deliverable, which should be uploaded separately. You can upload it separately to T-Square in the Resources folder, or you can upload it to your own web site or any file upload service. For example, you may upload videos to YouTube and include a link to the video in your PDF submission.

So, to summarize: for each assignment involving a deliverable, upload a single PDF. If you need more files or other types of files, upload them elsewhere, and upload for the deliverable a PDF with instructions on accessing the other types of files.

Assignments Not Involving a Deliverable

Several assignments in this course do not involve an uploadable deliverable. These include the surveys, peer review tasks, Piazza participation, and tests. For these, you’ll complete them via their own platforms (Tests & Quizzes on T-Square for surveys, Peer Feedback for peer review, Proctortrack for tests).