Team Project Check-Ins (Fall 2017)

Due: Each Sunday from Sunday, November 12th, 2017 to Sunday, December 3rd, by 11:59PM UTC-12 (Anywhere on Earth). Each team should choose three of these four deadlines for their submissions.

Assignment Instructions

The team project phase runs five weeks. During that time, you’ll want to get feedback on your needfinding plan, needfinding results, prototypes, and evaluation plan. So, each of the four weeks before the team project is due, you’ll have the opportunity to submit materials you’ve prepared so far for feedback from your peers and the TAs.

For the check-in, submit any materials on which you’d like feedback.

  • If you submit to the check-in during week 12, you’ll probably send in your needfinding plan to get feedback on your survey questions, interview scripts, or think-aloud protocols.
  • If you submit to the check-in during week 13, you’ll probably send in the raw results from your needfinding plan to get feedback on your observations and analyses.
  • If you submit to the check-in during week 14 ,you’ll probably send in your prototypes for feedback on their design and clarity.
  • If you submit to the check-in during week 15, you’ll probably send in your evaluation plan, including evaluation surveys, experimental designs, and demo scripts.

All teams must submit at least three project check-ins; you may choose any three of these four weeks to submit your check-in, and you may submit a check-in all four weeks if you would like. Each missing check-in will result in a one-letter grade penalty on your team project grade. Submitting three or four check-ins will incur no penalty; submitting only two check-ins will incur a one letter-grade penalty; submitting only one will incur a two letter-grade penalty; and submitting no check-ins will incur a three letter-grade penalty.

Submission Instructions

Assignments should be submitted to the corresponding assignment submission page in accordance with the Assignment Submission Instructions. Most importantly, you should submit a single PDF for each assignment. This PDF will be ported over to Peer Feedback for peer review by your classmates. If your assignment involves things (like videos, working software prototypes, etc.) that cannot be provided in PDF, you should provide them separately (either through the class Resources folder or your own upload destination) and submit a PDF that links to or otherwise describes how to access that material.

This is a group assignment. One member of your group should submit the assignment. Make sure to coordinate who will submit in advance.

Late work is not accepted without advanced agreement except in cases of medical or family emergencies. In the case of such an emergency, please contact the Dean of Students.

Grading Information

This assignment is graded strictly for completion. You will not be graded on the quality of what you send in; these check-ins are solely for you to get feedback. If the effort apparent is too low to give meaningful feedback, however, then credit may not be given.

Peer Review

After submission, your assignment will be ported to Peer Feedback for review by your classmates. Grading is not the primary function of this peer review process; the primary function is simply to give you the opportunity to read and comment on your classmates’ ideas, and receive additional feedback on your own. All grades will come from the graders alone.

You will typically be assigned three classmates to review. You receive 1.5 participation points for completing a peer review by the end of the day Thursday; 1.0 for completing a peer review by the end of the day Sunday; and 0.5 for completing it after Sunday but before the end of the semester. For more details, see the participation policy.